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cheat 1 hit di marvel the avengers

Marvel: Avengers Alliance 1 Hit Kill Cheat

  • Firefox
  • Cheat Engine
  1. Login to facebook and play Marvel: Avengers Alliance
  2. Scan the initial villain HP; ( set 4-Bytes on cheat engine).
  3. Hit the villains, specifically someone with an ALL ENEMIES attack. (IRONMAN or HAWKEYE)
  4. If the HP is the same for all enemies after the hit then scan the new HP and press NEW SCAN.
  5. If your villain HP is different from each other like above, goto scan type and press DECREASED VALUE. Hit NEW SCAN.
  6. If you do it the DECREASED VALUE way, then you're going to have to spot the values by eye. Make sure you double click the correct values out of the list.
    3 addresses per HP bar.
  7. Finally, Hit the enemy for 1 Hit K.O.
Note: Basically scan the Boss or opponents life source (4Bytes), which is the red bar that appears under them once the battle starts. Usually should show the number. For example, when you faced Hydra his HP showed 408 on the bottom. So scan 408, and hit him again. He then dropped down to 387. Typed 387 in cheat engine and hit next scan. Finally got three addresses and changed each of them down to 1. Hit him a final time for 1 hit kill.

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